ARPEEBEE – purveyor of daft characters since 2013

ARPEEBEE – purveyor of daft characters since 2013

Illustration course

'Animals doing silly things' exercise. Mr. Fox goes to the hypermarket for his chicken stash...

'Animals doing silly things' exercise. Kevin cat tries his luck...

'Animals doing silly things' exercise. Curve-ball approach. New-take on the grabber machines.

'Fiery Fred' Assignment. Young dragon accidently sets fire to a thatched cottage. Dip pen and ink with water colour and crayon.

'Row your boat' assignment. Water colour and hand-drawn text.

Texture assignment. Pen on A3 paper. King Kong move over, we have spider kong in the bathroom...

'Sink City' assignment. An under-sink city found in a boy's kitchen. Black marker and crayon on brown sugar paper.

Watercolours on white board laser-cut and layered.

'Animals doing silly things' exercise. Chubby little man bear with wand and tutu.

Exercises done for an illustration course

  • Date 2013+

  • Type Children’s illustrations

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